More legislation affecting motorists...

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More legislation affecting motorists...

Post  red61 on Wed Nov 09, 2011 5:09 pm

More interesting notices from the National Motorists Association...

The Joint Committee on Transportation heard testimony on Bills H.918 and H.1799, both authorizing red-light cameras in the state.

The NMA opposes these automated traffic enforcement systems for many reasons, and you should let the committee and your Senators and Representatives know why. (By the way, did you know that after raking in tens of millions of dollars annually from red-light cameras over the past several years, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has recently decided to milk that cash cow more by promoting a bill with the state legislature that would allow the city to use the existing cameras to troll for alleged speeders? The same thing can happen in Massachusetts.)

While you're at it, also support Bill H.905 (also in front of the committee) which would allow vehicles to display one rear license plate and save the state millions of dollars a year.

Sen. Thomas McGee and Rep. William Straus are co-chairs of the Joint Transportation Committee.

I would also like to draw your attention to Bill H.2058, which would make an expired inspection sticker NOT a surchargeable incident. Most people who get ticketed for this simply do not get their cars inspected in time, and they should not be surcharged by the insurance companies for the next five years.

This bill is in the Joint Committee on Finance Services, and Sen. Anthony Petruccelli and Rep. Michael Costello are the co-chairs.

I encourage you to contact your Senator and Representative to let them know your views on these important issues.

Thanks for your support,

Ivan Sever
NMA Massachusetts Coordinator

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