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Post  JRK on Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:30 pm

My 1991 BRG Miata, Massachusetts License Plate #76343, was stolen between the hours of 9:30PM Tuesday night, and 9:30AM Wednesday morning. It was parked at the very top of Merrimack street, right where they are doing construction on the St. Joseph's Hospital.

The wheels are 15x7 RPF1's with 195-(50?)-15 BF goodrich G-force sport comp 2 tires. The valve stems are blue (bought them like that)

The coilovers are Flyin' Miata Vmaxx with the NB tophats. They look a little corroded on the sleeves.

and it has a Boss Frog clearview rollbar (black)

Also If you happen to see a BRG Miata and the top was slashed and fixed with clear tape stuff, crack on the top of the rear bumper, broken rear finish panel, and the passenger mirror looks like it is about to fall off, then it's mine. (BTW all of this happened while living in Lowell)


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