Front plate holder (tow hook location)

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Front plate holder (tow hook location)

Post  mike.s on Sun Nov 17, 2013 7:40 pm

This one came with the car and since my NC is now in one-plate state, the tow-hook license plate holder is for sale. This is a stock NC tow hook with stock NC license plate holder welded to it. It's in very decent shape other than some paint flaking off the tow hook. Can easily be covered with a coat of black paint or left alone. I drove the car for 1,600 miles with this setup from Boston to Florida without any issues.

The idea is that you can mount your front license plate without drilling holes in your front bumper. Installation, literally, takes less than 2 minutes. You can see a little discussion and pictures of what the result will look like here: (my thanks to Kevin and others for the pics in the thread and PO of my NC for actually fabricating it).

Same idea as RHO plate that is sold for $60 plus shipping. You can buy just the OEM license plate NH1850180 for $29, tow hook NE5150EJ0A for $25, do some cutting and welding and arrive at the same product as mine. Or get mine and save money and effort. I'm asking $30 or best offer. Everything, even the license plate bolts are included. Please see pics and feel free ask any questions.


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