Trade rides?

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Trade rides?

Post  jcerier on Fri Apr 18, 2014 5:12 pm

I am interested in trying out different suspension setups prior to upgrading my 91. Would like to meet up with any club members who have an NA with various suspension setups, and take a ride to see what different suspensions feel like. I'm currently supercharged, with stock suspension (white car, #80, you might have seen me last year or at the autox school last Sun). Looking to make my car dual purpose street and autox, but not necessarily competitive in its SSM class. Just make it good enough so I won't outgrow it too soon as I build my skills, but keep it comfortable on the street.

Interested in trying:

Flyin Miata springs
Various spring rates (375/250, 400/250, 550/350, 700/400, etc.)
Xidas, Afcos, Teins...
etc. etc.

Home is Franklin MA. Would be interested in meeting sometime on a weekend to take a drive. You can also take a spin in my SC'ed car. Don't want to do this on autox days, as time is limited then, and I am more interested to feel things on the road than on the course. If you reply please let me know your actual, real-life name, and your car number. If you would rather respond off-list my email is jcerier at yahoo dot com.

Thanks much.

-Jeff Cerier


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