13x8.5" Bogarts

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13x8.5" Bogarts Empty 13x8.5" Bogarts

Post  mike.s on Thu Jul 09, 2015 7:26 pm

Since I've gone to 15s on Miata, my set of 13x8.5" Bogart wheels is for sale. They are 4x100 and were used on a CSP Miata for a number of years. They clear standard non-Sport NB brakes without any issues. The backspacing is that of a Miata, The backspacing is 5".

The wheels are extremely light. They are about 8.5 lbs each. With a 255/13 A6s that makes for a 25 lb combo. The downside of it is, of course, that lips are very easy to bend. And you will certainly see some bends on them. Has not presented any issues for autocross, but a full disclosure is a good thing.

The pics of them on the car are shown I'm planning to clean them up before posting pictures. Wheels currently have old 255/13 A6s that can be used for fitment as needed. Another 4 old A6s are also available free of charge if someone needs them, BTW. Wheels are in Boston if you'd like to see them in person, or I can probably bring them to Ft. Devens. I'll start by asking $500 for the set, all reasonable local offers will be considered, of course. Let me know if I'm out on the pricing, too.

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