6UL 15x10" wheels with Hoosiers

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6UL 15x10" wheels with Hoosiers  Empty 6UL 15x10" wheels with Hoosiers

Post  mike.s on Mon Jul 24, 2017 9:39 am


This is a set of black 949 Racing 15x10s in 4x100 pattern. Very light wheel at 13,5 lbs. They appear to be new, probably never ran on a car. You'll see some storage dust on the pics, the other three wheels look identical. They do have a set of Hoosiers R6s in 275/35-15. Which also don't seem to have any cycles. That's all good and dandy, but before the line starts forming... the R6s are very old, they have 2008 date codes. So, I'm not sure what their usefulness is, possibly practice sessions? I currently use identical set of wheels and tires (A7s, actually) on my autocross NB. 

I'd like to get $1,000 for the whole set and but will be happy with an offer from someone who can use these. Don't be bashful, with 3 sets of 15x10s I need to get rid of some.. The wheels are in Boston and I'll be more than happy to meet somewhere not far away. Please see pics below and ask any questions I can address.

6UL 15x10" wheels with Hoosiers  949_R6_1

6UL 15x10" wheels with Hoosiers  949_R6_3

6UL 15x10" wheels with Hoosiers  949_R6_4


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