From RX-8 to Miata for 2011?

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From RX-8 to Miata for 2011?

Post  Zelse on Thu Sep 30, 2010 10:08 am

Hey Everyone! This is Marc here ( The black Street Mod Mazda RX-8 ). For those of you unfamiliar with what's happened, I've unfortunately lost the car to Storrow Drive. Either something broke in the suspension, or I hit something or whatever, but as I was driving the car suddenly pulled left straight into the guard rail, as if someone grabbed my steering wheel and yanked it left. The car is most likely going to be a total, so I'm looking for a car for next year. I can salvage most of the parts off the car for say, a 2009 RX-8...But I honestly haven't decided if I want to go that route yet.

That being said, I'm thinking about making a 94-97 NA Miata for either STS or CSP. Leaning more towards CSP because I can do a lot more goodies, but wanted to hear what you all had to say. Especially because I have questions like, what are most people running for exhaust systems, headers, intakes allowed for STS and best intake for CSP, etc. I hear constant praises about the FatCat Motorsports coilovers so I'm thinking of going that way (plus Sal's car felt awesome when we were driving to go grab his truck). So I dunno, just wanted to throw this out there and see what you all have to say.

I'm most likely not attending the last two events just to take it easy the rest of the year, as I've already pulled back my registration and all..but I may change my mind and show up at an event or something. I guess we'll see how I feel. Thanks again everyone. I'll be updating my blog with pictures of the crash once insurance confirms it's a total.

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