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(NC) Miata Track Prep Stuff Empty (NC) Miata Track Prep Stuff

Post  paultg on Sun Jan 17, 2016 7:59 pm

Have a 2010 NC. If you are trading in for an ND or no longer have your NC let me know.

This is sort of the order of importance for what I am looking for:

1. Roll bar
Prefer Hard Dog M3 Hardbar - "T" for factory hardtop, harness bar, no diagonals
But let me know what you have.

2. 6-point cam lock harness.

3. Track Brake Pads

4. Rims: 17x8 or 9 wide rims (no 6ULs).
Kosei K5R or Enkei Racing is preferred.

5. Maybe tires (NT01 / RA1 / Toyo RR).

6. Suspension (shocks / springs).

7. Factory Hardtop (my car is liquid silver).
(Probably not in the budget but I know they don't come up often).

I'm in NH (03053).

Let me know what you got & where you are located. - Paul G.
pgiurlando at gmail


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